About Us

Founded in 1979 by Leighton Lam, an artist and lifelong surfer, our company has skillfully handcrafted jewelry in our Honolulu studio ever since. Leighton's artistic journey began during his teenage years as he created his own surfboards using resin as the medium. Intrigued by the flow and blending of different colored resins over his hand-shaped surfboards, he recognized its potential as an art medium. This realization marked the beginning of his lifelong career as an artist.

Guided by Leighton's vision and supported by a team of talented craftswomen and craftsmen, each piece we create exudes a unique blend of originality and artistic grace. As a small family business spanning two generations, we deeply appreciate the support from customers like you. Our aspiration is to provide you with more than just locally crafted jewelry, but also a lasting sense of aloha.